New Apple iPhones are worth the price, says Tim Cook

New Apple iPhones are worth the price, says Tim Cook

Ever since the Apple iPhones 2018 were launched, the much discussed topic was the expensive price of these devices. Looking at the pricing in India, an average earner can just forget about grabbing an iPhone. The cheapest model of newly launched iPhone variant 64 GB iPhone XR will cost Rs 76,900 in India, while the iPhone XS would cost Rs 1,34,900, and the 512 GB iPhone XS Max comes with a price tag of Rs 1,44,900.

However Apple CEO Tim Cook defends the high cost of the iPhones 2018, and says that they are worth the cost as it replaces many other gadgets one might need. “The phone has replaced your digital camera. You don’t have a separate one anymore. It’s replaced your video camera. It’s replaced your music player. It’s replaced all of these different devices,” Cook said at ABC’s “Good Morning America”.

The product is really important and we’ve found people to have the most innovative product available and with that, it’s not cheap to do, he further added.

However the New Apple iPhones are way too costlier, and one need to shell out Rs. 12,075 a month as zero-cost EMI for over one year to own the device 512GB variant of iPhone XS Max, which costs Rs 1,44,900 in India.